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標題: 台灣成為熱門旅遊去處 [列印本頁]

作者: Pompom     時間: 2015-12-30 06:58 AM    標題: 台灣成為熱門旅遊去處

Forbes Asia

One Overlooked Reason For Taiwan's Record Surge In Tourism

Taiwan met its 10 millionth overseas visitor in late December. That record beat last year’s arrival of 9.9 million tourists, which was already a 23% increase over the year before. As if on cue for the latest milestone, CNN rated Taipei one of the world’s top cities for spending New Year’s Eve. Resort hotel bookings are harder to get than five years ago and when you get one, it costs more than before. You see more European faces in Taipei now than years ago and hear more Mandarin spoken with the fast clip of people from China.


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